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When faced with a dental emergency, the best thing that you can do is to remain calm. It is better that you list down the hotline number of an emergency dentist near you so that you would know who to call. While waiting for your dental appointment, let this dental emergency tips from an after hours emergency dentist guide you on what to do in case you hurt your mouth.


After hours emergency dentist tips: If you have facial swelling

The reason why your face is swollen should be determined, first and foremost. Knowing the cause would make it easier to address and know who to call for help, a doctor or a dentist. If the swelling is due to a dental infection, do not wait until you feel pain before reporting to your dentist. If this happens at night, book for an immediate appointment with after hours emergency dentist so that he can assess the nature of the swelling, if it is involving the tooth, gums, or bones.

What you can do for the meantime is to remain calm and try your best to clean the insides of your mouth. Rinse your mouth using warm water with salt, and hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of fluids.



After hours emergency dentist tips: If you have teeth fractureafter-hours-emergency-dentist-perth

The after hours emergency dentist can provide treatment to this dental problem depending on the severity of the fracture. A filling may smoothen out minor chipping and cracks, and a crown may be the best option for you for more severe fractures. A dental crown can provide protection to the remaining part of your tooth and the inner structures including the nerves and pulp, as well as provide an aesthetic look to your damaged tooth.

While waiting for your appointment with the after hours emergency dentist, you may take pain relievers if the fracture causes discomfort. Avoid consuming cold or hot food and drinks since your damaged tooth may be sensitive to extreme temperatures.


After hours emergency dentist tips: If you knocked out a tooth

If you knocked out your tooth completely, try and save the tooth by cleaning it under clean running water and putting it in a clean container with water or milk. Do not touch the roots or the part of the tooth that is supposedly unexposed and inside the socket. Immediately going to your after hours emergency dentist is key to the re-implantation of the tooth back to the socket. You can try putting it back, but do not force it if it would not reattach, since forceful handling may further damage the nerve roots, blood vessels, and other surrounding tissues that would prevent your dentist from saving your tooth.

Once the tooth is put back in its place successfully, you will be advised to chew on that side for quite some time, you shouldn’t bite into the dislodged tooth hard, since the tips of the tooth may pierce or damage the nerve roots as well. Your dentist may recommend that you undergo a root canal treatment, but if the tooth is placed perfectly well back into its place, further treatment may be unlikely.