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Whenever you think about seeing the dentist, it somehow exudes at least a tinge of fear, right? As children, we associated going to the dentist with pain and discomfort. Now that we are all grown up, we still feel that way plus the fact that dental procedures are not really that affordable. But what if you encountered an emergency and you have no choice but to see a 24 hour emergency dentist?


What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a condition involving your teeth, gums, and jaw that requires urgent care. Accidents, trauma, or existing dental issues can trigger and cause a dental emergency, and it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Getting hold of a competent 24 hour emergency dentist is essential in providing the necessary treatment and dental solution on time.


What can a 24 hour emergency dentist do with …


A knocked-out tooth

Accident or trauma causing a tooth to fall out is considered a critical dental emergency. Handling this situation as soon as possible is the key to save the tooth. If not addressed immediately, the tooth will die, and the possibility of its preservation is slim to none. As soon as your tooth gets knocked out, rush to your 24 hour emergency dentist. He is the one who can carefully reinsert the tooth to its socket without damaging any nerves underneath. If the tooth is salvageable, chances of it reattaching to the bone are high.




When you experience dental pain, it is necessary to know where it came from. Your 24 hour emergency dentist can address the pain if he knows what caused it and what part of your mouth is affected. Inform him about the history of your injury, accident, or existing dental problem so he would have a background about the situation. He would assess your overall dental condition, give you pain medications as needed, and advise home care instructions so you can continue caring for your dental cavity after the consultation.


Dental abscess

Have you seen a pimple-like bump on your gum next to a tooth? That is called a dental abscess. It is the accumulation of pus caused by an infection on your affected tooth. A dental abscess can cause pain, fever, swollen and tender lymph nodes, and other signs present in an infection. Your 24 hour emergency dentist must know what caused the abscess, address the cause, and provide necessary relief for the problem. Irrigation of the pus inside the lump is required so that it would not have the chance to travel and spread to your jaw or blood vessels. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to fight the infection and stop the formation of pus.


Fractured or chipped tooth

A cracked tooth is not always a dental emergency, but if it causes pain and discomfort that would not let you sleep the night, it then warrants urgent attention from your 24 hour emergency dentist. He can address the pain by prescribing potent but safe-to-use analgesics. He can also advise the use of composite filing to reshape the tooth. He can also suggest using a permanent crown if the tooth is still healthy but too damaged to restore.


Since you know what a 24 hour emergency dentist can do for you in times of urgent need, be sure to grab hold of their hotline so in case you need them, you know where to call.