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If you ever have a chipped tooth, would you know what to do? How can you administer first aid to make sure that the sensitive parts of your mouth remain safe from injury? This article will talk about how to handle a chipped tooth seek emergency treatment for it.

First aid for a chipped tooth

When a tooth gets chipped, a sharp, jagged edge can be left after the tooth is chipped. It is important to administer first aid to this tooth to prevent the other parts of your mouth from getting injured by the sharp part of the tooth.

A person can wear a mouth guard to protect the rest of their mouth from coming into contact with the chipped tooth. If they do not have a mouth guard, they can use a piece of sugar free gum to cover the sharp edge of the tooth until they can see a dentist.

Also, foods and beverages that are too hot or too cold should be avoided until the tooth can be repaired. Chipped teeth may be more prone to tooth sensitivity because the inner and more sensitive parts of the tooth may be exposed.

Can you do tooth repair at home?

chipped toothWhile it is unlikely that a permanent solution can be done at home for a chipped tooth, temporary methods for tooth “repair” can be done and will serve their purpose until the person can seek proper treatment from a dentist.

It is impossible to put the chipped part of the tooth back, but while waiting for the time when a person can see their dentist, they can use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, to keep the tooth clean and healthy enough for the dentist to repair later on.

Emergency treatment for a chipped tooth

If you have just chipped your tooth and are experiencing extreme pain in this tooth, it is a good idea to seek care from a dentist. If your dentist’s office is closed, you can seek emergency care from an urgent care center. Most of these centers have dentists employed and ready to help you with your chipped tooth until you can see your regular dentist.