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There is no room for exemption when it comes to having a broken tooth. All ages can acquire a broken tooth if they do not observe good oral practices regularly. Kids are the most energetic and love to play. It will be tough to prevent them from getting hurt. But a cracked baby tooth is not something to take lightly.

In this case, if a child has experienced this condition, you have to call your pediatric dentist right away. Scheduling an immediate appointment is a must. It does not matter if it is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth.


How does a child’s tooth differ?

The kids chip their baby teeth more often on the edges, but the dentist’s treatment depends on the size of the chip or crack. The dentist will also consider the age of the patient. The dentist should treat the fractures in the baby teeth accordingly to avoid affecting the underlying permanent tooth.

The guardians of the child should give immediate attention and bring the kid to a dental clinic right away because the child’s permanent teeth are not yet fully developed. The dentists categorize a child’s cracked tooth under certain levels of fractures. Only the dentist can identify this based on the actual condition of your child’s tooth.

Symptoms may persist. Moreover, it can be different when it comes to a child experiencing pain. They can have a lower tolerance to pain compared to an adult. You need to ask for the dentist’s diagnosis. It will help how both of you should address the condition.


What to do if a child has a cracked tooth?

my baby biy loss a baby toothAside from the necessity of quickly reporting to your pediatric dentist, there are steps you can take part before seeing your dentist. Initially, have a look at your child’s tooth condition. You have to determine whether it is a simple chip or if the child permanently knocked their tooth out. You should never try to forcefully remove the tooth in case that the tooth is still attached to your child’s gums. It may lead to further injury or pain, which can harm your child.

On the condition that bleeding takes place, you can apply a piece of clean gauze to the affected area until the bleeding eventually stops. Additionally, if you have observed any swelling, you can use a cold compress to reduce the swelling.

You have to ensure that your child will only eat soft food at this condition of the tooth. It will help avoid further damages on the affected tooth. You can also let your child rinse their mouth using saltwater. It will help prevent the spread of bacteria and initiates healing. You can also apply a pain reliever as an option; however, you should give the right pain reliever for your child. Only your dentist can recommend that to you.

You have to stay calm while taking actions to your child’s broken or cracked tooth. Your child’s reactions will also depend on how you would react.


How to prevent your child from having oral health problems?

As parents, they always want the best for their kids. With this in mind, they should give equal importance to their kid’s oral health condition. You have to be committed to maintaining your child’s oral health. It will need an increase of dental home care, with your significant participation.

Even before the teeth initially shows up, you can already take part in your kid’s dental hygiene by wiping it with soft gauze or cloth. That is how oral dental care takes place as early as possible. It may sound basic, but you still have to be knowledgeable about it before putting it into practice.

You have to teach your kids how to do proper oral hygiene. They should learn how to brush their teeth correctly. You should provide them with the right brush to match their teeth. You should also avoid your child’s frequent eating of sugary foods. Sugary foods and drinks can stick to the tooth, which will eventually turn out into tooth decay. You can help it by making a balance out of her diet. You can decide on your kid’s daily consumption.

In line with this, you should also stop your kids from chewing hard objects such as their toys or anything they can simply put in their mouth to chew. This activity increases the risk of having their teeth chipped, cracked, or broken permanently.

Moreover, it is necessary to give time in visiting the dentist. Your regular visits will help monitor your child’s tooth. It will enhance the prevention of oral problems. The health of your child’s teeth depends on you. If you do not take control of it, your child’s teeth may encounter severe oral issues.

Just in case your child has undergone dental treatment, you should make sure to monitor the tooth’s condition until completely healed. You should also give your kid the medicines to take as how the dentist prescribes it. You have to properly observe the frequency of drinking and the quantity the child should take.


Emergency cases? Worry no more!

You cannot prevent accidents nor prevent oral issues ultimately. So, if you happened to experience a dental emergency condition that needs immediate action, feel free to call us. We care for your teeth too, as much as for your kids’, so our dental clinic provides after-hour services. Set your appointment with us and let us attend to your dental needs in a speed of light.