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Accidents can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. When it comes to medical emergencies, we typically rush to the hospital to get checked and treated. But when it comes to dental emergencies, we should always get the services of a reliable dentist after hours. What are the characteristics that an ideal emergency dentist should possess?


Dentist after hours: Licensed to treat

Your emergency dentist of choice should, first and foremost, be a professional! He must be board-certified and recognised by the Australian Dental Board to be able to practice dentistry. Providing dental services without having the license and not being able to have significant training with regard to the treatment of oral problems not only are against the law but are also bright warning signs for potential disasters. It is then imperative that your dentist is a licensed professional.


Dentist after hours: A people person

When patients request for the services of a dentist after hours, it is highly likely that they are in pain, shocked, worried, or scared about their dental condition. It is ideal for the dentist, then, to exude a friendly demeanour so that the patient can calm down and relax. Having someone treat you not only as a patient but as a friend in need of treatment would make you feel secure and comfortable, making your dental emergency less terrifying as it may seem.



Dentist after hours: Attention to detail

Carelessness is a big no-no in a dental emergency. Precision and accuracy in treating a patient’s tooth problem are very important. A single sloppy or careless move when reinserting a knocked-out tooth, for example, can severely damage the nerves inside the socket. Clumsy mishandling of dental procedures can further harm a patient instead of improving his dental condition.


Dentist after hours: An educator

It is but wise to get the services of a dentist after hours who, not only performed emergency procedures efficiently but can also give you pointers and advice on how to better care for your teeth so that further damage and need for dental emergency services can still be prevented. Knowledge and experience in handling all dental conditions can be a sure sign that your dentist will give you reliable and tried-and-tested tips to protect your overall oral health.


Dentist after hours: A patient advocate

Having emergency dental services should not be about primarily having a business and earning money while practicing dentistry. An ideal dentist after-hours wants his patients to get the best services and treatments that can benefit his overall wellbeing. A dentist who gives his 100% best in every procedure or treatment he provides his patients without thinking of his personal gains is indeed a remarkable professional. Putting his patient’s best interests on top of his makes him not only a better health practitioner but also a better person. And who wouldn’t want to avail the services of a kind dentist instead of a good entrepreneur?


We hope that, with this shortlist of characteristics a dentist must possess, you are able to determine if your current dentist is ideal or not. And if you are still looking for a reliable emergency dentist, make sure that he has all these traits to ensure a smooth-sailing and hassle-free dental experience.