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When is the right time to approach an emergency dentist for kids? Kids, especially toddlers who have brand new teeth that have only just grown in, fall down a lot. Although children are more resilient than we think, there are times when dental emergencies arise. How can parents or guardians tell if they need an emergency dentist for kids or not?


Emergency dentist for kids

An emergency dentist or dental clinic provides dental care and dental treatment for people who experience dental emergencies. These dental clinics are usually open or offer services even on the weekends, at night and during times when a regular dental clinic will be closed. These emergency dental clinics aim to be able to provide treatment to people who need them.


Emergency dental treatment for kids

What are the instances when emergency dental treatment is needed? If your child falls down and you see a crack on their tooth, it may not warrant an emergency dentist’s treatment. Here is a list of possible scenarios that may be considered dental emergencies for kids.

When a permanent tooth falls off

emergency dentist for kidsIf a permanent tooth of a child falls off, emergency dental care will be needed to replace the tooth. The emergency dental clinic will be able to administer emergency dental treatment and dental care so long as the child is brought to an emergency dentist within 30 minutes,

If there is heavy bleeding

In some cases, the child may hit their gums and there will be a lot of blood that will not seem to stop flowing, even if pressure is applied to the affected area. This situation will also need the dental treatment and dental care of an emergency dentist. The child may need to have stitches to close up the wound and stop the bleeding.

The child complains of extreme pain

Some children may have a high tolerance for pain, but if the child complains of feeling a lot of pain because of dental trauma, it is not a good idea to ignore this. Take the child to see an emergency dentist to have them checked.