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Some events happen without warning like a tooth knocked out moment during sports playing or children playing together. While preschool children are familiar with these events, it comes appalling for adults and babies alike. As a baby tooth grows, most do not become directly permanent. A totally new and growing permanent tooth will typically replace the outgrown baby tooth. And this shedding happens during school age. However, an intense sports play in school or competition in the office could set a tooth out of place, or worse knocked out. This scene usually happens in fight commotions in action movies. And aftercare is often unimportant to the play nor to the rival who lost the tooth. But what happens in real life? Before you panic at the thought, here are quick first-aid tips for this specific incident:


Adult Tooth Knocked Out

As in the scenes of these epic mob fights, someone could easily cause a knocked out tooth to the other. Luckily, if you are around, you could do these steps:

  1. Find the fallen knocked out tooth. Make sure to hold it on the surface and not on either edge. One end contains the nerves that are important in replacing the permanent tooth. You wouldn’t want to hinder this opportunity by enabling direct contact with your finger and the nerves.picking a knocked out tooth
  2. Cleanse the permanent tooth. If somehow the tooth, unfortunately, landed on a dirty surface, you should remove the dirt. But, this cleaning step does not involve water nor soap. You would want to keep the tooth free from foreign chemicals as possible. Here are different techniques on how you could transport a fallen tooth:
    • Milk Transport. Put the knocked out tooth or fragment inside a plastic bag and pour milk inside. The milk will keep the tooth at an optimum environment to increase the chance of restoring. With the plastic bag placed in a cup of rice, it will create a stable environment for the tooth. A cup of cold milk could also come as a substitute for the plastic bag.
    • Saliva Transport. If there is no milk in the scene, and it’s too late for a quick grocery, the patient could keep the tooth inside the mouth. Preferably, the saliva transport should be by the owner. It is also essential to remind not to swallow the tooth, especially if its a child.
    • Wet Cloth Transport. Without the prior options, you could keep the fragment or the tooth in a damp cloth. The permanent tooth must not become dry, and you should not use tap water.
  3. Try to insert the knocked out tooth. Find the person who owns the knocked out permanent tooth. With light pressure and soft push, try to put the tooth on its original socket.
  4. Hold the tooth in place. Put a cloth or handkerchief above the replaced tooth. And ask the person to bite lightly on to the fabric. 

These simple steps are your easy guide to keep the fallen permanent tooth in its original place. You could also follow these steps if a child loses a permanent tooth.

Baby Tooth Knocked Out 

There is nothing more terrifying than the sight of a crying baby and a knocked out tooth on the floor. Without guidance, a toddler could easily knock out a tooth through a piece of furniture or other hard surfaces. However, this scene does not call for the same first aids with an adult tooth. Trying to put a baby tooth back on its socket could cause a future dental crisis. It is best to call for an emergency dentist immediately during this event. 

Decayed Tooth Knocked Out 

If for some reason, a tooth fell out of its socket, this could be a dead tooth. Even without force or trauma, a decayed tooth could either chip or loose out of its socket permanently. A dead tooth does not have blood flow or functional nerves anymore. Hence, it is useless to put it in place. But it is best to seek medical attention as there could be some fragments left on the socket.

Is The Knocked Out Tooth Saveable? Wrap up…

Yes. With urgency and proper measures on preserving the tooth, you could save it. When inserting a knocked out adult tooth, some would not reestablish its position on the socket. Rushing to a dentist is essential. But you make sure that the knocked out tooth is in the proper container with the appropriate solution. Whether its a fragment, chip or whole adult tooth, it should have an appropriate aid and the right dentist.