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Do you often experience tooth pain when biting down or every time you eat? There are several reasons that could explain why your tooth hurts. Understanding what these underlying factors can provide you with a head start and prevent the condition from worsening. If you want to preserve your oral health, it is best to know how to identify the warning signs for early detection and treatment.

If the pain you feel from biting does not seem to fade or go away, there is a higher chance that it is a precursor of the following factors:


Improper Bite Alignment

If a person has an improper bite alignment, the adjacent teeth will cause an unequal distribution of pressure. Whether it is due to the natural structure of the teeth or the presence of dental crowns and filling, an uneven bite can cause tooth pain, especially when biting down.

To fix this concern, a dental professional must perform a proper evaluation of your occlusion. Bite adjustment is necessary if there are areas that hit harder and higher than the rest. This treatment will eliminate the extra pressure that happens when chewing.


Cavity Build-up

Tooth sensitivity while chewing can be a positive sign of tooth decay. When your tooth hurts, and the pain lingers even after eating, it might be due to increased sensitivity. When food and other debris get stuck in your teeth, it develops and forms pockets which eventually progresses as a cavity. Cavity build-up irritates the nerves inside your tooth.

For severe cases of a cavity, a root canal treatment is necessary. The root canal procedure involves the drainage and cleaning of the inner parts of the pulp to remove the bacteria. It prevents further infection and helps restore a healthy tooth. Get more information.


Dental Abscess

Go to MELBOURNEDentalImplantsNS.com.auIf a single tooth hurts when you apply significant pressure on it, a dental abscess may be present. Most dental abscess appears around the tip of the pulp and causes pain when biting down. Sometimes, a dental ulcer can swell and form a cyst inside the dental structure.

If you notice the presence of small pimple-like boils on your gums, talk to a dentist as soon as possible. A dental abscess progresses quickly and can lead to severe infection. An emergency root canal is necessary to drain the source of infection.


Cracked Tooth

Perhaps one of the most common yet most difficult to diagnose conditions in the presence of a cracked tooth. Aside from tooth pain when biting down, there are no other visible signs that can help determine if a person has a cracked tooth.

When you suspect that your tooth pain is due to a crack or chip in your tooth, visit a dental clinic for proper consultation and treatment. Your dentist will use a special bite stick to determine the reason for your tooth pain.

A typical treatment for a fractured tooth is by placing a dental crown over the chipped teeth. However, if your dentist identifies that the crack reaches the root canal, a special filling is necessary to preserve its strength.


Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, most commonly known as gum disease, is the most severe reason for tooth pain when biting down. Your gums contain a network of blood vessels and nerves that can significantly affect the mobility and sensitivity of your teeth. If your tooth hurts when eating and swollen and bleeding gums accompany it, periodontal disease might be a precursor.


Get An Immediate Dental Treatment

Other factors can cause tooth pain when eating or chewing. If you want to get the best treatment option possible, please do not hesitate to contact us and book your appointment.

Tooth pain is not something that anyone should ignore, especially when specific actions trigger the sensation. If your tooth hurts when biting and does not resolve over time, there might be a serious reason that causes it.

Our emergency dentist in Perth is available after hours to attend to your dental needs. We are your partner towards a more comfortable, brighter, and healthier smile.